Thursday, February 19, 2009

My three favorite letters

Ah, you bring such joy to my heart.

My own pride sucked me into the SGA drama vortex in my freshman year when I became vice president of my class. I didn't return to SGA after that year but being on the school paper and maintaining SGA-born friendships means I still hear a lot of stuff about SGA, good and bad.

SGA executive elections take place next week. The positions up for grabs are president, veep, men's campus coordinator, women's campus coordinator, executive secretary and executive treasure. But everyone knows the hot ticket is the spot for president.

I'll refrain from recounting the horror stories from the last two or three SGA executive elections and instead say my piece about this one. I think a lot of people are unaware of a few different things going on.

1. SGA is an extra-curricular activity. Yes, it's important, but hand painting enormous signs isn't worth it, and neither is asking for campaign moola from Campbell graduates. I doubt they give really a crap.

2. What would you say if George Bush ran again under a campaign of "change"? You'd say that's pretty silly-- how could he make so much change after already being in office for so long. Consider the slogan of select SGA candidates and question it against the time they've already been in the higher echelons of SGA.

3. To clarify number one, although SGA should not be anyone's life substance, it's a unique combination of legitimate student voice and an honest example when higher ups say they listen to students. It's easy to say administrators never listen, but think more critically-- administrators have kids either our age or older than us, and a few of Campbell's administrators were once students here. I doubt their hearts are frozen over. That said, if students are going to give up just because they think no one listens the first time around, then we don't deserve representation before decision makers.

Campbell students hear a lot of bad press about SGA. Sometimes it's because SGA shot itself in the foot and other times it's because someone's running their mouth. Anyway, I think students don't see the good guys (and gals) in SGA who aren't there for a the reputation, resume booster, or opportunity to dress up. I personally know many SGA members who genuinely want to represent us and improve our school because they love it, not because they have something to prove to the world.

I guess my point is that even though certain people in SGA give it a bad name, we should still appreciate its value and purpose and support those in it for the good fight.

Elections are Tuesday, Feb. 24 in front of D-Rich.

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